qnx 6.2.1 installation freezes at some point, keybord countr

Win98 base.
I have downloaded the iso image and installed it according to the article
213, posted at openqnx.com, without burning a cdrom. Subsequent movement of
files from e:\boot\fs*.* to X:\Program Files\qnx\boot\fs with use of
dinitw32.exe I created the workspace and booted from the floppy which
continues to the GUI. All worked very well incl. mounting and installment of
Momentics for Neutrino. To start qnx without floppy, using the config.sys
with loadqnx.sys resulted in the usual procedure (seen on the display) but
suddenly stops responding and hence the GUI is not loaded.
Secondly is there a driver for setting up the keyboard layout. If yes where
to put the driver, resp. how to save it in settings?
Any ideas.