qnx 6 on mopslcd6 (pc/104)

i need a rtos for my pc/104 (mopslcd6 from jumptec)!
how can i install qnx on my system?

my system:
pc/104 mopslcd6
166 mhz
32 mb ram
32 mb flash
crt chip



QNX is a commercial RTOS, so you have to

  1. buy QNX RTOS (SE or PE);
  2. read the documentation, “Building Embedded Systems” is good for start.

If you have non-commercial (NC) version, it is not supposed to be installed into embedded target (PC/104).

Take care.


With QNX 6.1 (NC), you can build the image file and to compile it with
With WNX 6.2.1, you must have a commercial version.

As ed1k wrote, Building Embedded Systems is a good start.
I give you some adresses which helped me a lot when I wrote my

In qnx.com/developer/articles/ there are some articles about
how to build an image.

Here, you have a very good document (written by mritun). I couldnt find it
in his web page, But I have found it here: … oadmap.pdf

I hope it helps.