mounting a windows network drive in QNX

Hi all,

I’m trying to mount a windows network drive on my QNX box. I can connect to the network drive:
“smbclient //XX.XX.XX.XX/dir -u username”
works fine, however
“smbclient // -u username”
doesn’t let me in, with the error:
'tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_DUPLICATE_NAME"

What I’m actually interested in doing is mounting the drive more permanently though. I’ve tried:
“fs-cifs -al //ipaddress:ipaddress:/dir /mnt/dir”
and after entering my username and passwork I get the error:
“io_mount: No such process
fs-cifs: missing arguments, or all mount attempts failed.”

Could the failure of smbclient and fs-cifs be related to the problems with the domain name.