QNX devctl() für 802.11 /Wireless LAN


I want to get the station-name of my wireless-LAN Adapter. The following
code is not working,
who can help?

if((fd_devctl = open ("/dev/io-net/en1", O_RDONLY)) == -1) {
fprintf(stderr, “Error with open() on /dev/io-net/en1. Make
sure it exists.\n”);
perror (NULL);
if (error = devctl (fd_devctl, DCMD_IO_NET_WIFI, &wifi_prom,
sizeof(wifi_prom), NULL)) {
fprintf(stderr, “Error setting DCMD_IO_NET_WIFI: %s\n”, strerror
( error ));

typedef struct
_uint32 subcmd;
_uint32 size;
_uint8 ssid[32];
_uint32 bss_type;
_uint8 station_name[256];
_uint32 channel;
_uint32 auth_type;
_uint32 crypto_type;
nic_wifi_wep_key_t wep_key;
nic_wifi_wep_cfg_t wep_cfg;
nic_wifi_bssid_t bssid_cfg;
_uint32 rts_thresh;
_uint32 frag_thresh;
nic_wifi_signal_info_t signal_info;
_uint8 _padding[1024];
} un;
} nic_wifi_dcmd_t;