Mixed (.cc and .cpp) project

Good morning,

I am developing a GUI using Application Builder (QNX 6.3 SP2). This project will interface with existing C++ projects (where the filename have a .cpp extension). I created OOP files by using the .cc extenxion for callback functions. As a result, autogenerated files (eg abmain) have a .cc extension.

Some .cpp files to be integrated to the project are located in a separate directory; which is identified in the project properties - Compiler - Extra sources paths. The files are visible in the EXTRA_SRCPATH_xxx tab. Doing so, functions located in the shared files (extension .cpp), called from a file with .cc extension are reported as undefined reference; resulting in a failed compile.

It appears that the compiler cannot handle PhAB projects having .cpp files. Any files with a .cpp extension are ignored. I also added -lang-c++ switch to the linker without changes.

Renaming the abmain.cc to abmain.cpp result in a failed compile.

Note that for a project defined as QNX C++ project containing both .cc and .cpp files are correctly build.

Any suggestions?

I also encounter thest problems. have you solved it now?