Net.via problem

Dear all,

I am running QNX 4.25G on a VIA motherboard.

Here is what I have when running “sin version”

/boot/sys/Proc32 Proc 4.25O Aug 19 2002
/boot/sys/Proc32 Slib16 4.23G Oct 04 1996
/boot/sys/Slib32 Slib32 4.24B Aug 12 1997
/bin/Fsys Fsys32 4.24Y Apr 23 2002
/bin/Fsys.eide eide 4.25G Apr 15 2002
//1/bin/Dev32 Dev32 4.23G Oct 04 1996
//1/bin/Dev32.ansi Dev32.ansi 4.23H Nov 21 1996
//1/bin/Dev32.ser Dev.ser 4.25A Feb 14 2003
//1/bin/Dev32.pty Dev32.pty 4.23G Oct 04 1996
//1/bin/cron cron 4.23B Oct 30 1997
//1/bin/Net Net 4.25E Apr 24 2002
//1/bin/Net.via Net.via 4.25G Dec 20 2000
//1/usr/netrawApp bcmnet_fd 4.20X Dec 06 2004
//1/bin/Net.fd Net.fd 4.23A Apr 03 1997
//1/*/usr/ucb/Socket Socket 4.25K Feb 12 2003

I am using a netraw application together with Net.fd.

Everything is working well during several days. But at some time, my IP connection blocked (everything else is running correctly)

All net processes are still running when it happens (Net, Net.via, Net.fd, Socket, inetd, …)

However, when using netinfo, here is the message I see :

“(3018) via ( tx) RESET requested & granted”

This message arrives every 40 minutes.

Does anybody know what means this message, what could cause this message and what could create this lost of IP connection??

Thank you for your help
Michele D