defination of uint8, uint16, uint32 or uint_t


Does any one know which include file for defining the uint8, uint16, uint32 and uint32 kind of types. I got compiling error for using these types. by the way, what is different between “unsigned char” and uint8?


Hi! @:slight_smile:
I use uin8_t and so on include “inttypes.h”
no difference between uchar and uint8 (i think so)L;)

The difference between unsigned char and uint8 is that with unsigned char there is no guarantied that the value is made up of 8 bits. On some platform it could be 16 bits (2 bytes). While uint8 is a way of makeing sure you are using 8 bits storage.

You should actually use…

#include <stdint.h>

…to be portable for these sized types.