6.2.1A to B upgrade with network


I have the 6.2.1A CDROM and have used it to install QNX on a Dell OptiPlex
GX270. This PC has an Intel 82540EM NIC that the 6.2.1A installation process
appears unable to recognize so after the install is complete I still have no
network capability to update to 6.2.1B. When I say no network capability I
mean, attempting to use Photon’s Network tool, the first tab normally
allowing me to select Static IP or DHCP does not appear.

I took the HD out of our Dell GX240, which supported 6.2.1A enough to get an
unknown NIC working. Installed it into the GX270 and the NIC worked just
fine. So when 6.2.1A installed on the GX240 something got detected and
configured differently than when I installed 6.2.1A on the GX270.

Ideas on why 6.2.1A install does not provide Network capability on my GX270?
The pic command shows,
Network (Ethernet)
8086h, Intel Corporation
100eh, Unknown Unknown

If I need 6.2.1B, I could use suggestions on how easiest to get it installed
without a NIC.

Thanks in advance,