pwm finds graphics region with no capability data

Using 6.3.0 (no service packs), and initializing on a serial connected elo touchscreen. The system is intended to be embedded. Starting from a script. In this case an interactive test script, but a script.

The hardware is a standard intel SBC with an i830 , all the usual stuff, but no mouse.

The touchscreen is visible on /dev/ser5

When starting, using the recipe in the manual, the serial driver, Photon, the elo and io-graphics all start without any complaints. The io-graphics command looks like this:

io-graphics -di830 vid=8086,did=3582,index=0,photon,xres=800,yres=600,bitpp=15,refresh=60 -pphoton touchscreen &

This is followed by pwm &

In the script I add two pterms after the pwm is started.

When this script is run I get the photon graphics OK with a perfectly usable pterm on top left of the screen, slightly overlapping a pterm I can’t get to (don’t care except that I can’t change focus). In the pterm I can run “calib” and the touchscreen responds quite precisely.

It just doesn’t affect th pointing device for Photon.

Finally I get bored and slay Photon.

The error messages become visible, and there’s the title page. Error: found graphics region with no capabilities manager.

I isolated this to pwm as the complainer, but I have to suspect something else as the culprit. Something is missing, some file or option that connects that touchscreen output and/or capabilities to the Photon that is running on the machine.

Anyone have any clues?


Perhaps if you posted the script? Is the touchscreen in the input group that io-graphics is using? What are you expecting to happen when the touchscreen does work (i.e. what are you doing to test the touchscreen with pterms)? Perhaps (if you are trying to hit a window control on the pterm) the only problem is that the touchscreen is not accurate enough to hit a window control?

Actually, when starting pwm I am expecting the regular photon menu system. If I start it with ph, I wind up with menus I can control, but not with the touchscreen because the ph detection misses out on it. Since I am not turning off menus in the pwm invocation that’s what I’d expected to get, with or without. The pterms? I’t expect to be able to move the top one and focus on the bottom one.

The touchscreen works perfectly when I call it with “calib”.

The script is just a dumb startup to sort this stuff out. Here, complete with typos.

Something is missing. It isn’t something the manual seems to address. It IS probably something simple.


Set up path

export PHOTON_PATH=/usr/photon
export PHOTON=/dev/photon
export PHWM=pwm
export PHFONT=/dev/phfont
export ABLPATH=${PHOTON_PATH}/translations
export OPT=/usr/opt
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib:/lib:/lib/dll:/usr/photon/lib:/usr/photon/dll:/usr/photon/bin
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/photon/bin

Command line args used for monitor program





start other useful stuff



echo “Starting Serial Driver…”
slay devc-ser8250

devc-ser8250 -b 115200 -t14 -I 65536 -F 3e0,10 2e0,5 3e8,11, 3f8,4 2f8,3

echo “Starting Photon”
Photon -U 15 &
on -W 10 -w /dev/photon


generic input driver: we allow for keyboard and mouse to be plugged in for development

note: if you have the mouse enabled, it must be plugged in or

devi-hirun will use up lots of CPU time polling for it.

on -p12 devi-hirun kbd fd -d/dev/kbd ps2 mousedev &

on -p12 devi-hirun kbd fd -d/dev/kbd &

touchscreen driver: assumes devc-ser8250 is already running

devi-elo smartset fd -d/dev/ser5 &
echo “started elo on ser 5 starting phonts”

phfont -d /usr/photon/font_repository &

echo “starting io-graphics”

io-graphics -di830 vid=0x8086,did=0x3582,index=0,photon,xres=800,yres=600
,bitpp=15,refresh=60 -pphoton touchscreen &

on -W 20 -w /dev/io-graphics

echo “IO-Graphics OK, start window manager”
pwm &
#devi-elo smartset fd -d/dev/ser5 &

pterm &

pterm &



Apparently I didn’t actually try the controls AFTER running “calib”

That DOES work as expected. All that is missing now are the menus, an understanding of how to capture and embed the calibration data for the touchscreen, and apparently an error thread that uses

Too much stuff happening in quite a hurry. We’re moving office today.


The pwm popup menu requires a right mouse click. You just can’t do a right mouse click with a touchscreen. Touchscreens need a different UI than a mouse.

If you run shelf, you should be able to use the shelf launch menu with a TS.

Hi ;)
I have same graphic region error, works fine devi-elo and devi-microtouch
problem is photon.c in DDK lib dir