Debugging externally created software.

Hi all,

Can anyone advise on ‘the best’ way to bring in externally created software
(specifically from Rhapsody) and debug it in the Momentics IDE (v6.3).

I tried this by creating a Standard Make C++ Project and pointing the
location at the output directory from Rhapsody. I can build and download
the software to my target using this method, but wonder if there are any
better ways?

Also, when debugging programs that use the Rhapsody framework, and
execution moves into the framework I can tell momentics where the source
code lives on my system. Momentics is able to display the source as
expected, but doesn’t allow me to set breakpoints within it. Also, as
execution moves between function calls, or when I step over a statement
(F6) another copy of the source file is opened. This is causing lots of
files to be opened and slows Momentics down. Any ideas on what could be
causing this?



Daniel Watford.

Hi Daniel,

We are doing a project design in Rhapsody 5.2 targetted for the QNX
Neutrino operating system. We have QNX Momentics 6.3.0 development
suite (standard edition) with SDK and GPL installed at C:\QNX630 on
Windows XP SP2. When I create a class and run it with settings in
Rhapsody configuration file set to QNX Neutrino
Libraries(QNXNeutrinoCW) - it gives me the following errors:

Building ------------ DefaultComponent ------------
Executing: “C:\Rhapsody\Share\etc\qnxcwmake.bat”
DefaultComponent.mak build
Compiling Display.cpp
cc: unknown target ‘gcc_ntox86’
cc: no targets defined in C:/QNX630/target/qnx6/host/win32/etc/qcc!
make: *** [Display.o] Error 1

Build Done

These are the environment variables as they are set:



C:\Program Files\QNX Software Systems

Please tell me if you have any idea about what’s wrong with this.

This is very urgent. I would be really grateful if you can help me out
with this. Thanks a lot in advance.


both configurations for QNX shipped with Rhapsody are not working
The batch files point to the wrong directories and the framework libs
cannot be linked…
BUT: I-Logix has a perfect documentation for using QMX Momentics with
Rhaspody and a new, working OS-Layer.
Ask the I-Logix support for

As it is rated as a Beta document, I cannot give it out here, sorry.

Good Luck,