QNX 6.2.1 boot issues

I installed QNX 6.2.1 on a machine already having Win XP. When I boot into QNX, I always have to press Esc to altboot. Else the boot process hangs at the screenshot attached. Can anyone give a step by step help on how to use the altboot image to become the default boot image. Also any help on where the normal boot process is getting hanged will be appreciated.



I hope somebody can still help this newbie on the boot issue. Any help is appreciated.

cp /.altboot /.boot


Thanks for the reply it worked. I was trying to do the same thing, but I wanted to rename /.boot to /.bootbak before overwritting it with /.altboot. But I kept getting the error “resource busy”.

When I did cp /.altboot /.boot (even within the photon environment), it was accepted!

Once again, thanks.


the move didn’t working because .boot cannot be erased. Had you copied .boot to .bootbak, instead of moving it, it would have worked.