f3s_skt_attach error when loading devf

When I try to load the flash file system driver, I get a “devf:
f3s_skt_attach failed (2)”.

I can’t find any mention of this error in the documentation, so I’m having
figuring out what is wrong.

I get this with my modified driver, and with some of the drivers that come
with the
BSP. For instance with this one:

devf-artesyn -s 0xff800000,8m,0,8m,64k,4,2 -vvvv

I am running 6.2.1B, with a PowerPC 5200, on a board that we designed,
similar to an Icecube+ board. I used the Artesyn driver because it seems
to use Intel Flash chips, while the Icecube uses AMD.

Any ideas? Thanks.