PULSES and MESSAGES at process termination


I have a server (server1) that created a channel (CHID) with ChannelCreate()
and a connection (COID) to another server (server2) with ConnectAttach().
When I terminate (e.g. with CTRL-C) server1 that had been RECEIVE_BLOCKED on
its CHID before, server1 sends a message (and a pulse) onto its connection
(COID) to server2 before termination. Is this normal behavior? If it is, how
can I detect this termination on that remote channel (CHID) of server2
connected to COID of server1?
I’ve tried it with checking for the reception of a _PULSE_CODE_UNBLOCK on
the remote server2, as MsgReceive() returned a rcvid of 0. This pulse didn’t
show up. But at first there arrives a message from server1 and after that
some other pulse from server1.

Who can help me detecting and correctly handling the termination of such a
connected server1? Where could I find literature about this specific issue
of termination and message passing?