Building from the CLI

I’m a QNX newbie trying to figure out how to automate our QNX build process by creating a script that can be run every night at a scheduled time. I’ve created a Container Project that holds all of the QNX C projects that are part of the system. If I’m using the IDE, all I need to do is “import” the container project and then do a Rebuild All. However, I haven’t been able to figure out how to do an import and a Rebuild All via the command line. Can someone help me out, or point me to where I could find some documentation on using the CLI?

I realize that I could do this by capturing the make command that is generated when each individual project is built. In fact, I’ve built a script that does just that. However, I’d prefer not to have to update the script every time we add or remove one of the projects from the Container. I’d rather just import the Container and rebuild the projects.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hello Greg,

I brought up this issue several times already. The IDE cannot be automated the way it should. I’m not aware of a command that allows you to build an IDE project on the command line reliably. Since IDE is based on eclipse, maybe you could search their forums (

What we do is to use addvariant and friends to create our build environment and always build from the command line, which can be easily automated. When we want to use the IDE, we simply import the relevant projects, preserving the architecture. Of course, some features do not work then (e.g. setting of various compiler versions etc), which must be done by manually modifying the corresponding “”, but that’s OK for us.