Samba client on QNX 4.25

I would like to ask for a little help with QNX smb client.
Qnx version : 4.25
Samba version on Linux: 3.0.10

I would like to write a samba share from QNX. I created a writeable share on the Linux box. I am able to mount and use it from a remote Windows and a Linux box too but not from the QNX box.

I able to mount it from the QNX but after the command “cd /public” on QNX I get the following message: “/public: bad directory” and I am unable to go into the /public directory.

On the QNX box:
I have already added the root to the user_smb db and I have an other user too who is able to mount the remote share through samba.
ps ax | grep SMB => SMBfsys -d20

The following commands are work when I am root:
mount -ma //name:ip/public /public
mount -ma //name:ip/public /public rootpw
mount -ma -u kuksi //name:ip/public /public kuksipw

But after that:

cd /public

/public: bad directory

I tried to modify the send and receiver buffer space on QNX because Linux use 8K defaultly so:
SMBfsys -d15 -n QNXHOSTNAME -R 8 -S 8 &

but it wasn’t help.

Have you got an idea?
If somebody has a working configuration please help me.

Norbert Murzsa

I didnt try connecting to Linux samba but connecting to my Win Box works; should normally be the same.
I use this in my file to mount the share on my WindowsXP:

/bin/SMBfsys &
sleep 1
/usr/bin/user_smb userXY PasswordXY
sleep 1
/bin/mount_smb //netbiosnameServer:ServerIP/MyShare /anyFolder

Ignore the sleeps if enter the cmds in shell. The local folder anyFolder must exist before mounting
UserXY must have rights to access the samba share.

Hope that helps

As I see the QNX smb client supports only the old authentication type (start on UDP 137) unfortunately.

mount_smb -u murzsan //geni0131: /public

Mount failed: No message of desired type

Is it possible to mount Windows 7 Pro 64bit shared folder (RW access to all W7 users, this folder exists and can be r/w from windows network) on QNX 4.25 machine using SMBfsys?
Some people say Win7 too secure for old-fashioned SMBfsys from QNX4…

Is there anybody who knows what things should be modified on W7 side to accept SMBfsys connection from the QNX4 machine?

Looks like Jeff Page figured it out: … 5caf395875