USB to Ethernet adapter


I’m looking for a USB to Ethernet adapter. I have checked supported
hardware for QNX 6.2.1, but I can’t buy any of them. Let me explain:

-“3com 3C460” is unknown for shops in Spain. Maybe I could buy it in
the USA by Internet.
-Kawasaki: is a chip.
-“Netgear EA101”: in Netgear’s web they don’t have that
product. I suppose that is too old, to buy it now.

  • SMC EZ Ethernet Adapter: in SMC’s web they don’t have that product.

    I have another problem. I have to work in QNX 6.1.

-Anyone has used an USB to Ethernet adapter for QNX 6.1? How did you buy it?
-How can I know if a product has the supported Kawasaki chip?