Two problems with Radeon with YV12 overlay type.

Hello, All!

Here my test example:

1st problem:
It subsequently initializes all overlay types, which it found, so after UYVY
and YUY2 it tryes to create YV12 type and it’s creation is successfull
(sometimes it is not successfull ), but it forgot to allocate V, U planes
and leaves all Y, U, V planes unchanged after YUY2 type. And io-graphics is

2nd problem:
YV12 according to specs must have the following order of planes: Y, V, U,
but in the PgVideoChannel_t structure uplane1 contain the V plane and
vplane1 contain the U plane. U and V planes are swapped. Looks like driver
fills the data subsequently, not depending on structure field names.

YV12 type is supported also by rage (not rage128) and banshee drivers. I’ve
no this hardware to check out they behaviour.

Thanks !

With best regards, Mike Gorchak. E-mail: