I would like to know what other developers are using for “machine specific
configurations file backup”?

I am currently using QNX4.25 and IPC for machine controller. There are files
which are machine specific, which require back-up by the user. Currently I
use Zip 250 (so that machine can boot and run in the event of Hard drive
failure). Bad thing is that not everyone in all parts of the world have Zip
250 on desktop machine, and maybe more importantly, certainly can’t easily
mount a QNX file system to put files on a central backup location.

I am looking at porting to QNX6, was hoping to use USB “flash key” type
device to easily transfer large files. USB support on motherboards without
tromping on my ISR is looking not all that promising.

Does anyone else have the “backup” problem solved - one that is convienient
enough that end users will actually do it ???

I would love for all end users to network and do central backup - but many
machines are used in Eastern Europe and Far east (China) where this is just
not practical on the primative factory floor were the machines exist.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!


P.S. Oh yeh, it would be best if device can be “remote” or outside the PC,
so that it could be installed behind a small sealable door, making it
unnecessar to open the enclosure door to gain access to the PC (Door is
interlocked so power must be removed to open!)