use of STL container classes in C++ QNX application

I’m building a QNX C++ shared library, but when i use STL container classes such as vector or list I have the problem that i can use them only in one CPP file. As soon as I instantiate more vectors/lists in other CPP files i get ‘unresolved symbol’ a lot of times when i use the .so file.

Anybody knows why this is happening?

You need to state what version of QNX (including patch level), and what version of the compiler, and which STL library you are unsing (Dinkum or G++).

Oei, how can i see that? I just just the QNX Momentics IDE Version: 2.2.0. I can’t get to the QNX version at the moment, but i will report that on monday. Can you give me a hint how i know which STL library I am using?

OK, on whatever host platform you are on, call up a command prompt (i.e. shell) and type “qconfig” it will tell you the version of QNX you are using. In order to determine what library your using (I’d have to guess you are using the default, since it seems you haven’t changed it) right-click on the project->Properties->QNX C/C++ Project and select the Linker tab. On this dialog read what it says in the “Link against CPP library” field.

It sounds like you might me using QNX 6.3.0 or QNX 6.3.0SP1.

Ok thank you very much!

My QNX version:

Version 6.3.0

And The C++ compiler is the default compiler.

Hope you can help me!

Try using the 3.3.X compiler, instead of the 2.95.3 compiler.