pppd & proxyarp

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I’m using pppd with proxyarp option on QNX 6.2.0 NC:

#pppd /dev/ser1 115200 proxyarp noauth connect “chat CLIENT

Other side of PPP-connection (the remote host) is Windows XP.
As documentation states, “… pppd creates a permanent, published ARP entry
with the IP address of the remote host and the hardware address of the
network interface”. However, I can’t get permanent ARP entry. Instead, a
temporary record in the ARP table is created. Some time later it’s removed.
How to force pppd to behave as documented?

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i think that “As Help documentation states”, you need to make a
routing demon that controls the routing table.
you should to add a default route through the remote host.
firstly, when you was connected with server. add default route to
routing table…
(you should add a temporary record to routing table. through a simple
shell script , you can do it…)
and. through the command of “pppd debug /dev/ser1 115200”, you can
find the problem…
to know the state of routing table , you can use of this command ,
ipstatus, route, and so…

i am sorry for my disloyalty