(Open)QNX live CD


I would like to download a (Open)QNX live CD OR a version of (Open)QNX that will install along side windows (without its own partition).

Is there such a thing these days?

I just want to play around with it before trying to install it for real.

ok, i downloaded 6.3.0-qnx6-200405141702.iso and burnt a CD… it boots on my PC but wouldn’t work my USB keyboard and mouse then I swapped them for PS/2 and it booted to selection screen for video card and had radeon there but the screen then came up corrupt, tried a couple of times to no avail.

Then I tried it on another pc which came up with VESA and it worked… and bang straight on the internet, great. Only thing which bugs me and which I remember from using QNX before is that moving windows about is very slloooooooowww indeed… anyway to sort this? does a full install behave any differently?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum…

Some radeons supported but not all. To speed up your video (in VESA mode) you may use Tweaked Photon VESA driver for QNX 6.3 (use google or forum search). To install new driver might be necessary to install OS before, so use VmWare or VirtualPC. if you’ll choose VmWare you may try vmware video driver for QNX6 (google it).
In VirtualPC QNX 6.3.0 works fine (tested).

With 6.3.0 the vmware video driver is included.

You can disable the slow down of moving windows by disabling the full windows drag option.

  • Mario