QNX Neutrino under WinXP partition

Hi all,

Is it possible to install QNX Neutrino under WinXP partition like it used to be possible with QNX RTP 6.1?

If not, how can I install QNX Neutrino NC edition using the QNX Momentics Evaluation Suite? I mean, I downloaded the QNX Momentics 6.3.0 and installed the IDE on WinXP but wheres the Neutrino OS itself? Am I missing something here?

Your help will be greatly appreciated in setting up this novice’s computer ;-)


i saw that is possible to run the QNX OS and all of its commands from a Windows OS only if u set up a connection to another machine that is running the QNX OS as a native OS. I told u that cause a member of my teamwork has done it, but he doesn´t want to tell me how, so I need nearly the same kind of help that u want, I hope somebody can explain me how to set up that kind of connection.


You can also use VMware. VMware player is a free download from www.vmware.com. You need to get yourself a QNX image, which means you will need to use VMware Workstation (you must exchange bits from your bank account with vmwares bank account, in order to obtain Workstation).

If you go to the Product Evaluation Program area of the QNX website and choose a host, you can download a Quickstart Guide along with the ISO. This guide will help you connect your host (running Windows) and your target (running Neutrino).