How can I change my console keymap ? (Momentics)

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Current implementation does not have multi-language support in text mode. Probably something could be included into the next major release.

Darn. Now how am I going to practive my dvorak typing? :smiley:

The QNX 4 has the pcANSI-characterset, and the QNX 6 has the ANSI-characterset.

But when I want to take my old sources, I need the pcANSI-chracterset, too.
How can I change that ?

If you are talking about displaying pcansi charsets, xterm does support the ANSI escape codes. If you want to get the VGA line drawing characters, then you’ll also need to set the font to be the VGA font. I don’t remember if the XFree86 package includes those VGA fonts. If not, you can always get them from the old X Window R5 that comes with QNX4.

Yes, Im talking about the pcANSI charset, and yes I want to use it in the VGA text mode, and the X-term use realy this charset, but I don’t understant how i can get the fonts from X-Window (QNX4) to use it for the text mode.

I thing you mean the font names “qnx” or ?
But I took this font also from qnx4, and had put it to /usr/lib/terminfo/q

but when i change my font
“stty load”
and look at a file with all 255 characters, nothink has changed.

How can i change fonts realy ?

under qnx4, /usr/X11/lib/fonts/misc, copy those pc*, vga.pcf, 8x14pc437.pcf, 8x14pc850.pcf over to qnx6 into the XFree86’s fonts dir and install/config it (search Internet on how to do that). you should then be able to verify/see those fonts by “xlsfonts”. xterm can then be started with the proper fontsname: xterm -fn fontname, you may need to try all those fonts names you copied from qnx4 to see which one best fits your need.

Also, try your question in the comp.terminals newsgroup. BTW, if you are looking for a good terminal emulator for connecting to qnx4. rumor says “kermit” works very well.

:cry: I want to use an other font in the text mode and not for the grafical user interface (:shock:).

Or is this not release able ? :confused:

You are probably out of luck. But rumor says the console driver (devc-con) source code was in “Character (Serial) DDK” in 6.1. You may be able to hack the source to make it support qansi, or spend money and ask QSSL to do the custom engineer work for you, if you are desperate enough.

Otherwise, you can always use those freely available GUI terminal emulators via XFree86 or XPhoton, as mentioned in earlier posts. If you want to do it programably there is a new terminal widget that was designed to be able to handle /any/ terminal type that has a termcap entry. It’s called ‘vte’. You can find source on GNOME’s CVS server:
It’s built on top of GTK+ 2.0. To change emulations you would use vte_terminal_set_emulation(term, “qansi”);

Good luck.

Knowes the rumor even, where the source is ? :laughing:

Here is where the rumor came from, maybe you can email if you still can’t find the source:


Well, I am confused by some of the fancy terminal stuff people are talking about (I don’t know anything about that stuff). However, one person said something about using a Dvorak keyboard scheme: to simply change the keyboard layout, you can make a new keyboard definition file. Look in /usr/photon/keyboard. I haven’t found a lot of documentation on it, but based on the comments in the ‘sample.kdef’ file, I figured out how to remap some of my keys. (my caps-lock key is now another escape key, for handy vim use) Basically, you put together a .kdef file that describes your keyboard layout, then use ‘mkkbd’ to compile it to a .kbd file.