Touchscreen on non-primary monitor

I’d like to have a regular CRT as my photon desktop (primary monitor w/shelf
and taskbar) and an 800x600 10.4" touch screen as my 2nd monitor - with the
touchscreen working.

I can set it up the other way fine (touchscreen is primary, CRT is
secondary, calib runs fine, touching the touchscreen moves cursor on the
touchscreen, mouse can get to boht screens).

I can’t figure out how to get calib to display / run on the secondary
monitor only. What happens is it runs and displays the targets on the
primary (CRT). I press the four corners of the touchscreen (even though the
targets are on the CRT) and then hit the center of the touchscreen and it’s
done. Now touching on the touch screen moves the cursor on the CRT :slight_smile: