Installation QNX 6.3 without CD-Rom...Is it possible?

I trying to install without CD-ROM for QNX v6.3.

first, i made iso file that qnx 6.3 rtos.

and Mounting the ISO under Windows.

Also Mounting the ISO under QNX

#> mount -tcd /fs/hd0-dos/qnx63.iso /fs/cd0

and… What do i do?

./install? or Reboot? anything dose not act.

please help~


You want to install QNX, but you already have QNX and mount the ISO…?

IMHO the easiest way to install without CD-ROM is to install on another PC, using HD of PC without CD-ROM, then take HD and put it back to machine without CD-ROM. This works, because QNX makes no hardware-specific configurations during installation. All is done on the fly at boot time.

hi Thunderblade. thank you for reply

I understand that your opinion is right. but, How to do that?

If no bootdisk, no CDROM… only have HDD and qnx.iso file.

I want to install HardDisk to another HardDisk.

Then, what shall i do? oh~~my head is complex.

Use VMWare. From there you can boot from t the ISO. Now if you set a partition on the HD to install QNX on, and setup VMware to use the physical HD (and the a virtual HD), you can install QNX on that partition. Once that done you don’t need vmware anymore, or you might really like it and use it everyday ;-)

Thanks mario.
VMware is good application. so powerful, but diffcult to install qnx.
I had used Norton ghost before vmware. It is simply and powerful.

I’m trying to use vmware properly. Please some advise that Partition(or drive) boot and qnx.iso file install.

I success qnx install to use vmware!! :slight_smile:
thanks alot mario and Thunderblade!!

What do you mean by “setup VMware to use the physical HD” ?

Is it possible to make hard OS installation using VMware? If so, could this be used alternatively as a real OS and a virtual OS?