Enabling Help: Helpviewer AND Balloon?

Digging into the online help for “Displaying Help in the Helpviewer”
you’ll find the claim that you can display (brief) help text in a
balloon and also provide (extended) text via the Helpviewer. For
either method you must set Pt_WM_HELP (in Flags:Managed) and
Pt_WM_RENDER_HELP (in Flags:Render).

But in the documentation following this statement the only means of
distinguishing which will occur is by the value of Pt_INTERNAL_HELP
in Extended Flags. If it is set, then Pt_ARG_HELP_TOPIC is regarded
as text for the balloon. It not set, Pt_ARG_HELP_TOPIC is taken to
be a “pointer” to an HTML file or topic file.

So how can you have, for example, a balloon response followed by an
(optional?) Helpviewer window? Perhaps by clever programming. Oh

Further puzzle:
The PtNumericFloat widget for which I was trying to create Help
doesn’t offer the Pt_INTERNAL_HELP option in PhAB for Extended Flags.

(This in Momentics for 6.3 with Service Pack 1 – at least now the
menu building section of PhAB doesn’t crash. Thanks!)