Bug in mkkbd

Trying to make my own keyboard script in qnx6.3.0 I found an unexpected
behavior of the mkkbd utility. It looks like mkkbd improperly compiles some
data in the actions section.
If I define an action where:

  1. exactly two conditions are included;
  2. these conditions belong to different sets: one is from state (Up/Down)
    set when another is from actions (Press/Release) set,

then the bOperation field of this action in compiled .kbd file always
contains “or” operation, even if it was “and” in the .kdef file.

And another bug (I didn’t tested whether it is in mkkbd or in
kmap_load_kbd_file() function): when the .kdef file doesn’t include any
compose sequences, kmap_load_kbd_file() doesn’t load the actions list into