How to Start with Momentics IDE

I need some suggestions about an efficient way to create Momentics
projects for an existing file structure. I’d like to maintain the existing
directory structure as much as possible because of the way this is
configured in CM. If I need to make changes, fine, but I’d like to
minimize them.

The project is already configured with the Codewarrior IDE, rather than
with a makefile. We have several processes that are configured as
Codewarrior projects, and these will map directly to QNX IDE projects, as
far as I can tell.

We also have some supporting code that is used by some, or all of the
classes to do things like I/O, get timestamps, do coordinate transforms,
etc. I need to include the source for these classes in the process
projects, but I don’t want to copy code into each process directory, as
the import function does. I don’t want to configure the
preferences to use the extra directory, either, because I have some test
drivers in the class directories.

So the directory structure is pretty flat:

How should I start configuring a procA project, for instance? It needs to
have source from the ioClass/AtoD directory and the timestamp directory.
It also needs to have a library linked in from the lib directory, although
that seems to be easy enough with the prefs. I’d like to have
the binary installed in the bin directory and I think this is done by
creating a make install project.

Should I start with a makefile project or should I use one of the QNX
projects to start with?

David Kuechenmeister