Can't create a new file in Momentics

Hi All,

Using Momentics Version 2.0 Build 200306021152, I can create a C++
application project but when I click on the Create a File Button and type a
name in the Text Box labeled “Enter or select the Folder” it displays a red
X icon and the message “Names cannot be empty” at the top of the window.
Also the Finish button will never activate. It stays disabled through all
this. All I can click is the Cancel button to close the window.

If I click File / New / Other / New C++ Class / Next and fill in the form,
click OK, then it does create a new class (.cc) file and associated header
file. Should I use this technique to create the main( ) function? I thought
I’d use “Create a File” but perhaps I’m not going in the right direction.

Is there a tutorial or book anywhere that goes into the IDE in detail? I am
using the online help and it’s a little spotty.


Cincinnati, OH USA