QNX Bootable CD

I am new to QNX… For now I am trying to instal the QNX OS…and failed so far
I’ve tryed to download some images (iso) but they all have crapy comments…and I’ve downloaded everything else but the OS.
Can somebody PLEASE send me a link where I cand download an image
that can be burned into an OLD FASHION Bootable (instal)CD. I do not need QNX for windows or for Linux,…just plain old QNX .
Thank You,

you can download qnx here: qnx.com/products/eval/index.html - there you select QNX NEUTRINO RTOS x86

I have downloaded that iso…burned it to a cd (using the burn image utility) but still it is not bootable.

can you boot from another cd e.g. windowx xp, knoppix ? if no, please check your bios if you have set the correct boot device . if yes, post again the result!

Yes the Bios settings are good. I can boot from another Cd as win xp! ANyways I will double check.
BTW what is knoppix? another SO?If so pls give me some useflull links!

Question: If you burn an image to a disk will it be automaticaly bootable if the image is of a bootable disk? Or must you select something like make bootable disk?

when you burn an image to a disk (cd-rom) and the image contains boot information, your disk will be bootable - no settings requierd. did you have download the right iso-image (windows host oderl inux host?)

What do you mean by ISO images having “crap(p)y comments”?

From the link you gave me in the previous post I have downloaded both windows and x86 self host… The x86 self host iso didnt boot…and I dont know how to use it otherwise…and the windows image was not the rtos as stated in the comments but an IDE…Momentics…witch btw I didnt get to compile a single project due to some totaly weird errors.

Have I mentioned that the guys from the support team do not replay to any of my e-mails? :frowning:.

BTW About the crappy comments. By that I meant that the comments about the content of the ISO images are not explicit or not true. I am a beginer to QNX and if those comments dont help me through that means that they are lame.

Knoppix is an Linux who boots from cd - you will find it here: knoppix.org/

hm - currently i’dont know why you can’t boot the onx cd - but windows! did you use nero for burning - or another program - i think there is the problem , maybe … ?! (the right ios-image is QNX RTOS x86)

why do you think you can’t boot: did you see a message like DISK NOT FOUND e.g. ?

What happens when you put in the x86 hosted CD in windows? With the older 6.21 version you were able to create a bootable floppy to support the installation. But I do not know whether this works with 6.3.

I used Nero to burn the image.
Maybe I can help if I describe a little bit the OS’s installed on my computer. I have a WinXp on one partition…this is the OS that starts by default. ON another parition I have a version of qnx that start only with a floppy inside that I’ve made during the instalation. Why am I not satisfied with that version of qnx is :

  1. It start only with the floppy and it takes lots of time to boot.
  2. Main reason.It has no C IDE or c compiler. Since I am new to qnx I dont know how to get and instal one.

The problem was that NOTHing happened when I booted with the CD Inside… It was like it was not a bootable CD. No error message no nothin…The Xp kept loging…
If you are 100% that the x86 self host is the correct bootable cd…I will double check the bios settings and burn another cd. 1st time I burned the iso I used a ReWritable …hope there is no problem in that

Good news! 4 me :laughing:

I have managed to make the bootable disk, and instal qnx. Dont know what went wrong the oder time…I guess I used the dvd player which is not bootable insted of using de cd player which is …(i have 2 cd/dvd units un my laptop and only one seemed to be bootable-configurable in bios)

When burning the QNX ISO images if using Nero always check the “Write Method” do ‘Disc-at-Once’

If you use the ‘Track-at-Once’ method the CD fails to boot

And another alternative way is you create the boot diskette, copy it using dd on an UN*X system or other disk imaging tool such as “WinImage”

Extract the contents of the ISO to a directory on a hard drive

And on Nero create a bootable CD using the boot Image from the diskette image. This worked for me until I discovered the trick of the Disc-at-Once

Do you have a valid support contract with QNX? If not, the support staff is not the appropriate folks to contact about problems. You are not even a QNX customer as long as you haven’t bought a QNX product. Of course QNX does care about potential customers too, so the right person for you to contact with your questions would have been a QNX Sales Representative or Field Application Engineer responsible for your territory. Of course they only would be the right folks to contact if you were about to start a QNX product evaluation for a commercial project. 8)

The Windows image does contain the complete RTOS. So the comment is true. It’s the point of view that is the problem here. Other RTOS’s, such as VxWorks for example, cannot be installed on a PC just by inserting a bootable CD. Instead, you HAVE to install under Windows and build your own RTOS boot image to deploy on your target. That is a very common way of working with an RTOS, and that actually IS what you can do with the Windows-hosted Momentics IDE.

Your case is a special case - you do not want to use PowerPC, SH-4, MIPS or XScale CPU’s, but an x86. AND you do not want to build your own QNX configuration, but instead you prefer to use a pre-built QNX configuration that QNX supplies to you as part of the QNX Neutrino CD image. :bulb:
The great number of possibilities QNX offers do make it more complex, and as such, I agree that the comments on the evaluation download site could be more clear.

However, it is known that some drives fail to boot from CD-RW’s, but this has nothing to do at all with QNX. So, despite that it is true that the comments on the QNX site could be more clear, in this case the problem was your lack of experience regarding booting your PC from a bootable CD. :smiling_imp:

I agree that the evaluation part of the website could be clearer. I’ll pass the comment along to Marketing.

A plug for the docs: the Quickstart Guide explains the difference between the development host and the target system, and takes you through setting them up, connecting them, and writing a program on the host and running it on the target.