Realtek 8139 PCMCIA


I have a notebook with a Realtek 8139 PCMCIA NIC which
also gets recognized just fine by pci -v. Is there also a way
to get this card up and running with QNX 6.2.0? I got an 8139-
based PCI-NIC to work so it shouldn’t be all too hard, should
it :smiley:



6.2.0 or 6.2.1? IF you are using 6.2.1 you have to finish the install by installing the Momentics x86 packages. Otherwise the driver won’t run.

Thanks a lot for you quick response.
Currently I have 6.2.0 NC. Is there a simple way to upgrade to 6.2.1
or will I have to download the entire ISO image?


Well, it should just work on 6.2.0, the trouble with the driver wasn’t until 6.2.1.

You will have to download the whole ISO but you don’t have to re-install, you can just upgrade from the disc.