A BIG Packager Utility PROBLEM :(

Hello, All!

The latest packager utility from QNX 6.3.0 distro have two cruel bugs:

  1. It incorrectly interpreting all shared libraries which is not in
    “*.so.version” format. For example: libperl.so (from Perl), and libdb-4.3.so
    (from Berkley DB) appeared to be stripped, fully stripped, including all
    export names. But shared libraries must be stripped with -g option only -
    only debug information. This problem cause another problem: those libraries
    will not appeared in the slib packages, so no dependencies, etc … (BTW,
    even on PublicCD from 6.2.1 Berkley DB package is broken - library
    completely stripped !)

  2. packager forgot to add links from /opt/lib to /usr/lib for all libraries:
    static and dynamic. It generates MANIFEST without links. But it adds links
    if package installed as dependency, because slib’s MANIFEST contain the
    links. Why it happens ???

With best regards, Mike Gorchak. E-mail: mike@malva.com.ua