Lan91c111 Ethernet driver on ARM board

We are trying to get a LAN91C111 ethernet device going when connected to an
ARM9 processor running QNX 6.3.

The driver seems to start OK and nicinfo shows that the device was detected.
It also recognises when a cable is plugged into the port.

We run the driver using

io-net -dsmc9000 iorange=0x10000300,irq=109,verbose=4 -ptcpip

then give it an ip with

ifconfig en0

every 3 seconds there is an acess to the LAN91c111 seen on its read/write
lines but a flood ping to does not produce any more access.

The number of bytes transferred always stays at 42.

Any clues anyone? What is the period 3 second access. Do I need some more