Multimedia Card (MMC) driver

We are planning to write a driver for a MMC controller. The technology,
however, is new to me and I’d like to get some advice on the architecture

  1. Does somebody have a MMC driver for QNX? (this one is going to be for
    SH7760 internal MMC controller)

  2. Is there a DDK available which I could use as a reference? Is there a DDK
    for block devices? Which one of the existing QNX block drivers would be to
    most similar?

  3. If I have to write the driver from scratch, as what kind of device should
    it advertise itself so that I can create a filesystem on it and mount it? (I
    think on linux, MMC is somehow bundled with the SCSI system)

Thanks for any help or pointers

I have not found a block DDK yet from QNX, however I have heard that
they are intending on releasing one soon. I have a MMC card driver
for the SH7780 platform, but it has a few bugs. I will check our
archives as I think the driver was originally ported from 7760.