Free QNX Neutrino NC disk

Hi all,

I have just installed QNX Momentics v6.3 on my laptop hosting WinXP. I am wondering where can I get QNX Neutrino NC version to install on my target laptop. Is it (just the OS) available anywhere? Awaiting your reply.

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QNX Neutrino NC is no longer availbale, it stopped with 6.2.1 for commercial reasons. What you need to do is: Create a bootable image and install it on the hard disk of the target machine, along with all the files of your application. You can also create a myONX account on and download an ISO image of Neutrino hosted development, which contains the runtime and can be installed into an empty disk partition. If you purchased Momentics, you can use your commercial license to install it on a PC. If you have an evaluation copy of Momentics you must request another evaluation license key for Neutrino hosts from your local distributor, since the evaluation license keys are bound to a single host.