IPL C source in the OpenIce32-A900 and Spider Debugger.


I’ve started work on the IPL for our ARM9 based board. We have the
OpenIce32-A900 JTAG debugger and I’m using Spider to drive it.

Something I haven’t been able to work out (and haven’t had a response from
AIJI yet) is how to get C-level debugging to work in Spider.

I am using the QNX makefile build system and end up with a ELF file
(without the .elf extension - haven’t work out how to do that yet!). If I
run objdump on the file I can see the various symbols and paths to my
assembler and C source files.

We also have AIJI’s SMDK2410 dev board for the Samsung S3C2410. They supply
a monitor program that is built (pre-built) to a .AXF file. When I load
this file in Spider I get all the c files used to build the project. As I
understand it, AXF is Arm’s wrapper around the ELF file, and was also built
using ARM dev tools.

I wonder if the problem may be that we are not using ARM’s dev tools, but
ELF files should be ELF files not matter which tools are used in the

I would be very gratefull for any suggestions on how to get c debugging
running with this combination of ICE, debugger and GNU/QNXNTO tool chain.

Many thanks,


Daniel Watford.

as an extra note I am building into a arm-le.g directory so am compiling
with debug info, and my .lnk file contains the following:

rom_a : ORIGIN = 0x00000000, LENGTH = 0x01000000
ram : ORIGIN = 0x30000000, LENGTH = 0x02000000

. = 0x0000;
.text : { *(.text) *(.glue_7) *(.glue_7t) } > rom_a
. = 0x30000000;
.data : { *(.data) *(.sdata) } > ram
.bss : { *(.bss) *(.sbss) } > ram


Daniel Watford.

Some more info…

AIJI have replied to my messages and tell me that Spider is not yet able to
read STABS format debug info (they say this will be available in October).

If I build my software outside of the QNX makefile hierachy supplying
-gdwarf-2 as an option to the compiler I am happy to report that I can
build an elf file that can be debugged using spider.

My next question. Which file do I need to edit and to which makefile
variable do I need to add the -gdwarf-2 option? I would like this option to
only be added when building for a arm-le.g directory.


Daniel Watford.