system page strategies

We have an i486-type embedded system(s) which run QNX/Neutrino/Momentics
6.2. I am attempting to develop the necessary code and methdology
to dispense with the BIOS (and associated probing) to allow for
faster boots and a greater level of embedding.

I am currently working on the startup program, the IPL being
finished or nearly so.

I am attempting to determine the best way to load parameters
into the system page. I have the parameters, but I am not
sure what variable names (or equivalent) I should use to load
the page. Also, if the structures in the page are dynamic,
I am not sure how to set their sizes. I have been and continue
to study the documentation on the system, however, I would
love to hear from someone who has done this before and might
be able to supply some additonal information.

Thank you.

Richard B.