pthread3s.lib: cannot build even the examples in pthreads-1.

I’ve got this:

Installed as /usr/pthreads,
made all the nesessary links from /usr/pthreads/include|lib to
verified that all the headers reference all the files correctly (there
were #include “someheader.h”, made them #include <someheader.h>).

When I do make hello I get:
Warning(1027): file clib3s.lib(exit): redefinition of exit ignored
Warning(1027): file
/usr/lib/pthread_g3s.lib(/src/lib/pthreads/sync/thredqnx.c): redefinition
of __RegisterThreadDataSize ignored

The hello program does print Hello world from the both threads but
does not exit untill I type Ctrl-C.
The same problem with all the remaining examples…

Is it my [mis]configuration problem or there is no way to have threads in
QNX v4.25G + Watcom v10.6? (readme mentions Watcom v10.6 as the minimal
requrement, v11 as nominal…)