SMB and NetApps

Has anyone had experience connecting QNX4.25 to a NetApps filer? I can
connect fine to a Win2k box, but when I try the same thing on NetApps,
SMBfsys dies. The NetApps box is a FAS940 with ONTAP6.5. The QNX box
is running 4.25 patch E, SMBfsys v1.30I.

This works to Win2k:
SMBfsys -D ww001 -u uida0997 &
user_smb uida0997 password
mount -t smb -s //cthp330a/qnx_bkp /qnx_bkp

this fails to NetApp (SIGSEGV, then “Mount send failed: No such
mount -t smb -s //cthp301x/dida0005 /xfer

Any ideas? I didn’t get any replies on comp.os.qnx.
Doug Elcomb
Siemens VDO