/usr/bin/logger: strange timestamps in logs.

Here is the snip from the ppp session. During the session OS’s time is being corrected by means of NTP. The time and timezone on the system are set correctly.
My TZ is:

However, every /usr/bin/logger’s entry is dated by (most probably) Eastern Standard Time…

Aug 18 16:15:21 localhost pppd[20180]: remote IP address
Aug 18 08:15:21 node<<3>> ntp[20331]:
delay:0.199891 offset:-0.044809 Wed Aug 18 08:15:21 2004
Aug 18 16:16:08 localhost pppd[20180]: LCP terminated by
peer (~M-^Y^B^@<M-Mt^@^@^@^@)

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