QNX won't boot! Link up 1 (100bt fd)

Hey Guys.

Was wondering if you could shoot any help my way as I know nothing about QNX.

I have a system that I came upon that runs QNX4 with photon. Recently it stopped booting. It gets passed the /boot/hard.* config files and then goes to the ascii graphical text page with the big QNX letters. Then it just displays a message stating “Link up 1 (100bt fd)”. Then it just stops.

From what I understand this has to do with ethernet so I unplugged the cord and tried rebooting. This time is just displays the graphic with “Link Down”. Then it goes no further.

This leads me to believe that it’s hanging on whatever runs after the link check. Do you guys know what runs after this? I hope you guys no what the heck I’m talking about. :laughing:


Fixed. The programmer who configured this version of GNX4 built custom checks for hardware. It had a CD-ROM failure which caused it to hang.