dhcp.client (TCP/IP v5.0) and Net.ether509 (QNX v4.25G) - pr

In exactly the same networking environment I see the difference between
dhcp.client’s behaviour depending on what the NIC is installed.

If I use NIC with Intel82557 - everything works fine.
When I try NIC with 3com’s 509 chip - I see that Proc32 consumes ~90~98%
of CPU time. TCP/IP connectivity is there, FLEET works but the load is so
high that other IRQs are being droped very often.

If I kill dhcp.client - Proc32 stops consuming the CPU and all other IRQs
are serviced in time…

(I use Mr. R. Krten’s “sysmon”
http://ftp.parse.com/pub/sysmon/sysmon-latest-src.tar.gz utility to gauge
the CPU load)


On Wed, 10 Nov 2004 01:01:18 +0300, Tony <mts.spb.suxx@mail.ru> wrote:

Now I try RTL8039C chip - Net.rtl and dhcp.client work fine together…