no gethostent() trying to build Perl

I am trying to build a recent version of Perl (5.8.6) under QNX 4.25G,
TCP/IP Toolkit 4.25 Patch C, and finding the link fails because
gethostent_ is an undefined symbol. I have verfied this outside of the
Perl build script by trying to build the following test program:

=== gethostent.c ===
#include <netdb.h>

cc gethostent.c -l socket -l unix

=> undefined symbol gethostent_

The same program links correctly on another system running QNX 4.25B,
TCP/IP Toolkit 4.25A, (and I previsously built Perl 5.6.1) on the same

So, it looks like although the prototype for gethostenv() is still in
<netdb.h>, the function itself has been removed from the library? Or is
there something wrong with my configuration?

  • Will