Intel 56 K PCI Modem Driver?

Hi guys!!! :wink:

Is there a driver for the Intel 56 K PCI Modem Driver or better, are there PCTEL HSP Micromodem drivers for the QNX System?

Iโ€™m asking because I have that modem. :confused:


Is this a โ€œWin-modemโ€. If so, you are sol. You donโ€™t want to me started on what I think of this type of hardware. Most non-Win-modems appear to the system as serial ports. The usual trick is to use qtalk and enter the string โ€œATS0?โ€. If there is a modem that understands the AT command set, it will respond โ€œ000โ€ or โ€œ00#โ€.