raw protocol operation particularize

Hello everybody:

please tell me that raw protocol operation is between application and
Net.etherxxx driver directly perform or basic on qnx net manager(Net).

I want to know that not performing raw protocol register or deregister
operation will result when i reboot Net.etherxxx driver,that can recover
Network communication ?

I recover Network communication by two means:
fisrt means:
1.raw protocol deregister
2.delete netnode map(netmap -d “delete 1 1”)
3.slay Net.etherxxx driver
4.re-start Net.etherxxx driver
5.take netnode map(netmap -f)
6.raw protocol register
(notice:NO.6 process fail - display “invalid argument”,but recover Network
communication success)

I want to know what take the mistake
second means :
1.delete netnode map(netmap -d “delete 1 1”)
2.slay Net.etherxxx driver
3.re-start Net.etherxxx driver
4.take netnode map(netmap -f)

I also recover Network communication success by this means, I want to know
why recover Network communication success with
not performing raw protocol register and why raw protocol register is still
valid after having rebooted Net.etherxxx driver.

In addtion , please tell me how deregister completely success for special
protocol because I want to run another protocol
basic on raw protocol operation after run a protocol at first

thanks Hugh Brown

thanks everybody