create an image from a qnx partition

hi everybody,

i’m looking for a way to create an image from an qnx partition e.g.

/dev/hd1 → myimage.iso


I think what you want is a program called mkisofs.

mkisofs is not a part of qnx - i think - it called here mkisf ?! with this i can create an image file system, but not in image - i think! later i will copy this image to an empty cf-card (like bruning an knoppix cd), the cf-card is only formatted , but have no bootmanger e.g.

You are right that it is not a part of QNX. If you can’t find source on the web easily, send me an email at I have a version that compiles under QNX 4. I’ll even port it to QNX6 if you need it.
It creates .iso files that I’ve been able to burn onto CD’s with Nero.