Connection problem between Target and QNX on vmware

I’m using QNX 6.2.1 on vmware 5.5 and now trying to connect my target set with twisted lan cable.

It looks like below:

 TARGET(QNX)  <------------>  QNX 6.2.1 (on vmware WINDWOS Host)
                        twisted pair cable

I’m using vmware NAT option to get an internet connection and have an IP address 192.168.0.X

How can I connect from QNX to target with ftp and telnet…

plz help me~

at fist you need a crossover cable or did you mean this with twisted pair ?! next your pc and qnx must have an ip in the same subnet e.g

pc /
qnx /

you can configure your qnx networkcard with ifconfig

if everything ok, try a ping from pc to qnx and the other way - works? great!
normaly, you can now use a telnet (e.g hyperterminal) or ftp-client to connect to your target

if not work - the services will be configured at: /etc/inetd.conf

There are special ethernet cables that will connect between two computers. They will not work right with TX100, but most cards will fall back to 10Mbit/sec. The normal way is to have both computers connect to a hub or switch.