Webcam Driver & QNX 6.2.0


I am looking for some drivers for a webcam. I am using QNX 6.2.0. I have seen the threads about, however their site has been down for a while now.

Does anyone have these drivers, or know of any others?



What kind of webcam do you have?


I would like to use my Logitech QuickCam 5.3.2 (USB) webcam.

Unfortunately, it appears that that dolphin repository
was the only USB webcam support that has ever been
offered by anyone. Since EMC acquired dolphin GmbH
I suppose they would be the only folks that would know
what became of that repository (which was for 6.2.1),
unless someone managed to mirror it at some time.


I know I’m repeating myself here … Before Logitech bought QuickCam, QuickCam provide some specifications for their parallel port cams. When Logitech bought QuickCam, they discontinued these models. They were not very open about specs either. It seems that they are only interested in the Windows market, for which they provide their own drivers. This is really too bad, since these devices are not hard to write drivers for. My information is very dated so things might have changed. If Linux software is available, it can be a place to start. Also be aware that even if you can download video data from the device, the manufactorers often use proprietary codecs that they are no interested in providing.