mount /dev/fd0 /fd corrupted filesystem detected =(

I need to copy one diskette to another.
Installed anew QNX 4.25g.

I’ve written mount /dev/fd0 /fd (without any floppy in the drive)
and got directory /fd If I insert floppy and access /fd I get message “corrupted filesystem detected”

If I use fdformat /dev/fd0 it results ok, but I cannot access newly formatted diskette as well.

Where am I wrong? Thanks in advance.


It’s been a while since I used QNX4.25 so my memory is a tad fuzzy.

But I believe what you need to do after the fdformat is issue a dinit call.

ie ‘dinit /dev/fd0’ to place the QNX filesystem on the floppy.


To copy floppy (exact image):
cp /dev/fd0 file
cp file /dev/fd0