Qnxplayer and mhplayer problems

Hi people!!! :wink:

After installed the QNX 6.3.0 I’m trying to use the QNXPlayer and the Media Player to work

When I load a mp3 file on qnxplayer (winamp-like player), after loaded it, the qnxplayer refuses to play giving an error “unable to play”

The same goes to Media Player…

When I use the PhPlayer give me an error of “mpegaudio.so” lacking and I checked the /lib/dll/mmedia and the file doesn’t exist.

Where is the Multimedia Library as described on the QNX Help (documentation)

When I used the 6.2.1 everything goes fine…

Thanx and my best regards for reading this message. :wink:

This stuff isn’t part of 6.3 anymore. I beleive it’s part of a separate package, the Multimedia TDK.

Thanx ‘mario’ for answering me…

But as the Multimedia TDK is not avaiable unless you register the product.

I found my answer on these threads

openqnx.com/PNphpBB2+viewtop … layer.html

openqnx.com/PNphpBB2+viewtop … layer.html

But sadly I can’t get the file mentioned on these forum posts, give me an error of “Corrupted File System Detected” on the server that provide the file…

Has anybody here the file? I would be gratefull for that!

Thanx and my best regards for reading this post. ;)

Qnxzone is badly broken. I suspect these file are from 6.2.1 and would probably not work with 6.3.

The multimedia TDK is an add on that is meant to be purchased separately I beleive.

I have the /lib/dll/mmedia , But QnxPlayer still can’t play the mp3 and wma.
it says :lack plugs mpegaudio.so